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UAE cities are growing, not only in number, but in infrastructural and economic developments. The demand for delivery services is on the rise with residences, hotels and office buildings requiring deliveries of a plethora of goods that include packages, furniture moving which can only be acquired by offering a reliable service for both customers and vendors.

Have you ever wished there is an application that connects you with neighborhood delivery providers?

Good news, WADDI is here and ready to be in your service!

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What is Waddi?

Every business has a vision and a mission. Waddi, whose functionalities more than aligns with UAE's progressive and fast-paced lifestyle, is that App that comes to the rescue of your busy life by providing you, as an individual or business, with an all-encompassing service that gives you direct access to nearby delivery drivers and agencies with no extra effort on your part.

What type of services does Waddi offer?

How about never having to go through the hassles of a last-minute booking again?

With Waddi, you can now choose from hundreds of delivery providers in just one tap. you can now spend more time enjoying a new delivery experience rather than worrying from where to start.

Package delivery made easy!

Get your items delivered without having to head out.

Choose your pick-up and drop-off destination, place your request, select the best offer among the many you are going to receive and get your packages delivered.

We connect you with the best potential delivery providers in less time.

We help you move!

Make your moving experience even more pleasant with Waddi.

Select your moving destination, get offers then make your choice of the best offer and worry no more. We give you the means to choose the option that suits you best.

Road troubles are a thing of the past!

Car troubles are ancient history!

With Waddi, you can rest easy when faced with road inconveniences.

Put car recovery request with your destination to drop-off the car then relax. We notify all the car recovery trucks close to you through our Waddi App so the one you select comes for rescue.

Why choose Waddi?

Get insight, tracking options and full control over your delivery transactions before and after placing your request.

Choose your driver, pick up and drop off location with a few clicks through an all in one App designed to make your life all the more convenient.

First things first, download Waddi now from Play store or App store on your device and get going.

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