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WADDI delivery man happy WADDI for transporters

Are you looking for delivery opportunities?

In just a few clicks,  you can bid for work from hundreds of clients each day.

The best part? It’s completely free to use!

Available now on

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WADDI application on Google Play Store

Our easy-to-use app matches you with customers and ensures that you’re never without work.

Finding delivery, car recovery or moving work can be difficult without putting lots of time and effort into marketing. This makes managing your time very stressful… Our app exists to match you with opportunities quickly!

What work can you do with Waddi?

WADDI package delivery service
WADDI car recovery assistance service
Car recovery assistance
WADDI house and office moving service
House & office moving services
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Use WADDI as Delivery Provider
WADDI bid on a delivery request icon

Bid on a Delivery Request

Check your app for new bids placed by delivery requesters and bid on jobs with your best offer!

WADDI receive confirmation icon

Receive Confirmation

Once delivery requester approves your bidding offer, a confirmation will be received to execute the job.

WADDI application on App Store
WADDI application on Google Play
WADDI complete & get paid icon

Complete & Get Paid!

Pick-up and deliver the requested package to the receiver address and get paid once the job is complete.


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